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2021 KickOff Program is now online!

KickOff registration is now available for 2021! KickOff is a 10 week skills course aimed at younger children to introduce them to playing football! Please CLICK HERE for details and links to register your child. The course is run by Leanne, call her on 0437993710 for more information.



2021 Club Merchandise

Visit our Merchandise page on the website or CLICK HERE to view our current catalogue.








Upcoming Events:

2021 Registration CLOSED

Thursday 18th February 2021 (OPEN only to players filling vacant spots in teams - no new teams accepted)

Competition Start

Weekend of 17th/18th April

Club photos, Fundraiser
CUFC 40th
anniversary celebration

June/July details TBC

Finals Weekend

28th/29th August

Club Presentation

September/October details TBC


Oval Watch Program - please keep an eye on this great community asset. 

Field Status 












Updated 6/4/21 3:50pm


Please follow social distancing guidelines. 

Safety at Andromeda

Save Our Surfaces Guidelines

 There is to be no training on worn areas, wet areas & in penalty areas.

Where possible please use off field areas.



For the enjoyment, comfort and safety of everyone, club members and spectators are reminded that there are regulations to adhere to. Penalties, including fines and suspensions, apply for breaches of the regulations.

Alcohol at Playing Venues

* Alcohol is not permitted within 10 metres of the playing area at any time at any ground under the jurisdiction of NFA.

* Glass bottles are not permitted at any ground ever under the jurisdiction of NFA.

* Alcohol is not permitted at any ground under the jurisdiction of NFA on Saturdays.

* Alcohol must not be consumed by any players or team officials during a game or at training.

* Some fields have an alcohol free policy. Alcohol restrictions differ from club to club. Please check with ground officials at the venue before you commence drinking alcohol.

Smoke Free Environment: Smoking is not permitted anywhere around the fields at any time at any venue under the jurisdiction of NFA. This includes the side lines, the back of the nets, around the canteen area, change rooms or toilets. 


Bank Details

BSB: 062589

Account Number: 00909389

Account Name: Cranebrook United Soccer Club

Bank: Commonwealth


Please put player's name & team as the reference

Welcome To

Cranebrook United Football Club

Home of the Mighty Cobras 


Oval Watch Program - please help

Whilst we wait for the fields to dry out, please help us by keeping an eye out for any activity at either Andromeda or Sherringham which may damage the surface. If you have concerns,please contact the club or Penrith Police. Andromeda currently has the eastern field with motorbike ruts which will now have to be repaired. This incident is under investigation with promising leads. 

If you are driving by the fields, a quick look and any appropriate follow up action would be wonderful. This will help get Andromeda up and running again for the benefit of everyone.




 A huge shout of thanks to the many people who join together to make Cranebrook Cobras a wonderful club.

OUR COACHES AND MANAGERS - for your commitment to ensure that the teams are informed and ready,


OUR FANBASE, and last but not least,

OUR PLAYERS for without you there would be no club. 



Keep Calm - on and off the field.

All players, coaches, managers and spectators are reminded that there is zero tolerance for the abuse of referees, assistant referees, and Club or Association officials. Abuse need not be physical. It can also be verbal. It is NOT OK to give an official, opposition player or fellow spectator your unsolicited opinion of them, their performance, appearance or affiliated group in general. 



SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS TO OUR COMMITTEE:   As Andromeda comes alive over the weekend, please understand that it does so because of a group of dedicated people - our committee - who put in endless hours of work behind the scenes. Without these volunteers, the venue is just a paddock and the club members are just people. Please stop, smile and say 'THANKYOU'.  


Easter Egg Hunt at Andromeda.

Many thanks to our sponsors.

     Please support the companies that so generously support our club


See the "SPONSORS" link to view our current sponsors